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Wires/ The Greasy Slicks/ Twin Falls/ Elles Bailey

Where: The Fleece // When: 15/03/2012

by Jodie Humphries

Elles Bailey

I should start by saying that this particular gig was all put on by Emma Wood, Adam Venton and Paul Springett in aid of Childreach International to raise money to help children unlock their potential in life. Each band – Wires, The Greasy Slicks, Twin Falls and Elles Bailey had given their time up for free to help the guys raise money for charity.

Elles Bailey is no stranger to the Bristol music scene having been around longer than LMS has. These days Elles is going it alone with one hell of a powerful set of lungs on her. Her voice rang out on stage as she played her own music (including a brand new song that she’d only got back an hour or so before) and covers including ‘Moves Like Jagger’. Elles holds a natural grace and confidence that saw her undaunted at starting the night off. Her ability to be confident meant that she wasn’t even embarrassed to be reading lyrics for some of her new songs. Prefer to be amazing at the sound of this girls’ voice!


The Greasy Slicks

This particular gig was played as a three-piece, but it’s my understanding that Twin Falls is Luke Stidson who ropes various friends and relations in along the way to create a sound that could technically alter each time you see the band. Despite battling against an extremely chatty audience, Twin Falls battled through swapping instruments for each song and creating a new blend every few minutes. Songs ranged from atmospheric to upbeat to stripped back to their folk roots. It’s clear that Twin Falls are a band who like to experiment and that their sound will continue to grow and change with each gig. Who knows what you may see next time you stumble across them.


Now The Greasy Slicks had my attention from the get-go. This is a band who I thought had been going for a while now judging from their solid performance – but I was wrong. From watching this band you would be shocked to hear that they are relative new-comers to the live scene in this formation. The Greasy Slicks bring chemistry and passion to a stage; their catchy rock numbers brought people to their feet as people moved and cheered. Their sound incorporates rock legends – think The Who, Deep Purple and Pink Floyd just to throw a few names into the hat – yet they add a fresh twist to an already established sound. ‘Thrill’ is a downright dirty rock ‘n’ roll track full of infectious beats laden with dark grooves and a firm beat beaten through with pure rock vocals. These three boys ooze professionalism and that should surely see them go very far indeed. Impressive just seems to weak a word here.

It’s no secret that we love Wires at LMS – I mean what is there not to love about these guys? They create a sound that is big, rocky, gentle and atmospheric all at the same time; every time you think they’ve revealed all the layers they possibly can, they surprise you with another closely kept secret. Their music holds a certain beauty to it as Tom’s vocals slide over the music with natural ease like in ‘Shadows’, and vocal harmonies seek to fill every corner of the room. Wires are seamless; their music is powerful, yet beautiful all at the same time, a combination which can, and will leave you breathless. These is indeed a reason that LMS continues to give these guys positive reviews, now just go and see them for yourselves and see why!

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