cd reviews


Servers - Leave With Us

By Larry Day

Strutting out from the recently resuscitated Undergroove Records' flappy wing, South Yorkshire's finest fresh-faced hard rockers, Servers, are shooting a premiere torpedo/LP into the ether ...


Intervals - A Voice Within

By Zoe Rose Smith

You might have heard of Intervals before, but you wouldn’t have heard them like this. Before the release of their new EP ‘A Voice Within’, Intervals were a completely instrumental metal ...

You Win Again Gravity

You Win Again Gravity - Brightly Coloured Landscapes

By Max Barter

You Win Again Gravity are a post-hardcore quintet from Windsor whose influences vary from a grand selection of alternative artists. One being Finch, a band I grew up listening to which developed my tastes ...

Alexis Kings

Alexis Kings - Keep It Sexy

By Edward Upham

Alexis Kings formed back in 2010 in St Albans and 2014 sees them release their press release dubbed "mini-EP", which goes by the title of ‘Keep It Sexy’. This mini-EP comes in a total length ...

Sam Brookes

Sam Brookes - Kairos

By James Swatton

For many musicians, primarily those with an acoustic guitar and a heck of a lot of emotions, Jeff Buckley is the pinnacle of a musician's craft. Many have tried to mimic him and his brand of ...