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La Fin Absolute Du Monde - She's Got To Be A Pirate

By Laura Geary Griffin

La Fin Absolute Du Monde

The new single, ‘She’s Got To be A Pirate’ from La Fin Absolute Du Monde, taken from their ‘Au Revior’ EP and the B-Side to the release, ‘Black Sheep’ couldn’t be more different from each other. The lead single, ‘She’s Got To Be A Pirate’ is just under three minutes and feels as if its three songs mashed into one. The song has an intense lead guitar and Matt Bellamy style piano transcription with ethereal vocals. La Fin Absolute Du Monde are lulling you into a sense of security with this introduction - believe me it’s sneaky. The next part is a blood-curdling scream followed by some extensive guitar shredding, power chords, heavy drums and an extra dosage of distortion. It took me by surprise. This part of the song continues its grandness with the addition of what seems to be a male choir, after that (and only after that) does the track mellow for the final part, which is in fact the piano from the beginning. There is a sense of the song coming full circle. I’m not sure what direction they were aiming for; it’s on the brink of being an epic number, yet it seemed to be quite disjointed.

The B-Side, ‘Black Sheep’ is completely different. It is haunting and saddening at the same time, and reaches nearly seven minutes! The vocals and classical guitar complement each other perfectly; once again the vocals are ethereal, almost like a whisper comforting whoever is being sung to that they’re not alone and they understand what they are going through. There’s an innocent gentleness about this second track, it calms you after the hectic single. I’m not convinced the lead electric guitar at the end is needed but it’s not doing any harm being there. This is one of those situations where the B-Side may surpass the actual single. I’m intrigued to hear more from La Fin Absolute Du Monde to see whether each song is as different to each other as these two are.

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